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Lewisham Council cuts – 446 staff to go

Lewisham Council has written to Town Hall unions warning them that 446 staff jobs are to disappear in the next three years as cuts start to bite.

Management jobs will be at the forefront of cut backs.

The agenda of the  Mayor and Cabinet  meeting on November 17 carries a report which warns that 195 jobs – 43% of the total –  will go from the Resources Directorate which deals with finance, corporate policy, the executive office, procurement, personnel management, legal services, strategy and IT. The report warns that  “the Authority is currently considering Phase 1 revenue budget savings proposals of some £19.8m for 2011/14, of which £13.7m relates to 2011/12. …… Should all the Phase 1 proposals be agreed, it is likely that this will result in up to 195 posts being deleted. This will inevitably result in substantial redundancy costs which will need to be financed corporately and via the use of directorate resources. “