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Well Educated? How does Lewisham West match up?

A study by the Office of National Statistics shows the number of degree holders and those without any qualifications broken down by parliamentary constituency. The results highlight a startling educational divide throughout the UK from one locality to the next.

So how well-educated is Lewisham West compared with other areas of London? Very badly is the short answer!

The table below shows education qualifications in Lewisham West followed by a comparison with some other London constituencies – and we’re at the bottom of the graduates league!

But don’t despair. Lots of degrees don’t necessarily mean a more prosperous or more agreeable neighbourhood. For example, all of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset as well as Chichester and Eastbourne score lower on graduate qualifications than Lewisham West.

Constituency % with no qualifications % with at least degree/ NVQ4
Lewisham West 9.68 28.86
Lewisham East 11.87 39.02
Dulwich & W Norwood 7.17 56.40
Greenwich & Woolwich 11.23 46.84
Richmond Park 4.45 63.61
Kensington and Chelsea 5.3 62.25
Battersea 8.01 58.61
Tooting 4.87 58.3
Lewisham Deptford 6.97 49.43
Croydon North 12.27 34.7
Croydon South 12.52 30.41
Streatham 12.55 42.27
Camberwell & Peckham 13.86 39.47
Vauxhall 17.08 42.27
Southwark 16.34 39.87
Poplar & Canning Town 25.03 29.45
Hackney S & Shoreditch 16.17 41.98


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