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Every primary school in SE26 and SE23 passes literacy and numeracy benchmark, many with flying colours.

This year’s primary school tests (showing basic numeracy and literacy amongst pupils) have resulted in every local primary schools in our area passing the government’s benchmark.

Under new rules, all schools are supposed to ensure at least 60 per cent of 11-year-olds reach the standard expected for their age group in English and Maths.

Every school in SE26 and SE23 passed this standard and most exceeded the benchmark by a pleasingly large score. 1,000 primaries (around 12% of the total) failed to make the mark.

Here are the results for local schools showing the combined scores for English and Maths (60% is the benchmark)

Fairlawn SE23 3SB                                92%

Our Lady & St Philp Neri SE26 5SE        91%

Stillness SE23 1NH                                  89%

St William of York SE23 1PS                 84%

Dalmain SE23 1AS                                   83%

St Barts SE26 4LJ                                     79%

Adamsrill SE26 4AQ                               78%

Holy Trinity SE23 3HZ                           77%

St Francesca Cabrini SE23 3LE           75%

Haseltine SE26 5AD                                  74%

Alexandra SE26 5DS                                68%

Perrymount SE23 2PX                            62%

Kilmorie SE23 2SP                                     60%

Please note: some schools boycotted tests this year following industrial action by the National Union of Teachers and National Association of Head Teachers, giving these schools scores of “zero” on all measures.