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Sydenham Assembly – 7pm Naborhood Centre, Thursday 13 January

The Sydenham Assembly is an opportunity to make your voice heard and find out what is going on in the area. Topics to be discussed include the ‘Our Lewisham, Our Say’ consultation; the Wells Park youth centre and Sydenham Library (the decision on closure has been deferred by the Mayor for two months to allow community groups to develop an alternative solution).

 The following four projects will be bidding for a share of the £25,000 Mayor’s Fund: 

 Project 1 – Sydenham Arts Festival £10,000

 This project addresses the assembly priorities of a vibrant high street and more activities for children and young people. 

 Description – The third annual Sydenham Arts Festival will run from 1 July to 17 July and is currently being planned. In 2011 we intend to provide live performances in the High Street including theatrical performances and exhibitions in “pop-up” shops, a Family Picnic in the (Home) Park with live entertainment and children’s activities working with Friends of Home Park, an open-air Free Film Show in Mayow Park, a Visual Arts Trail and performance workshops.  We are currently in discussions with the Sydenham and Forest Hill Youth Forum, local musicians and performers and many other event organisers about approximately fifty other arts events taking place during the Festival.

 The Sydenham Arts Festival is already established as a major community event and we want to build on this to improve community cohesion and a sense of place. This year we are planning to encourage young people to take part in activities and to put on performances organised by them during the Festival period.  This will not only involve activities and performances during the Festival but will involve planning these events in the months leading up to the Festival. 

 Project 2 – Sydenham Community Radio £5,000 

 This project addresses the assembly priorities of a vibrant high street and more activities for children and young people. 

 Description – The intergenerational project involves teaching young people between the ages of 14 and 18 how to use recording equipment, as well as teaching interviewing skills. Young people will then be taught how to edit pre-recorded material and how to produce and present live programmes.

 Older people will be interviewed on a number of subjects, with a emphasis on how different generations can learn from each other, and programmes will be developed for both online transmission and for on air broadcasts during the summer one month FM license period in 2011. 

 The project aims to promote social cohesion by enabling young and older people to talk and work with each other. Facilitating a community dialogue is central to this project in that both groups will be given a voice through access to a new platform. 

 Project 3 – Sydenham Film Club £4,500 

 This project addresses the assembly priorities of a vibrant high street and more activities for children and young people. 

 Description – This project will deliver on an active inclusive community which is part of the priority for a vibrant high street.  It is hoped to work with young people through the Sydenham and Forest Hill Youth Forum. 

The project will involve residents of the local community as films attract a diverse audience.  It is hoped to build up numbers attending the film club by starting with a regular monthly film show.  Existing networks will be used to promote the film club and attract more volunteers as well as researching what types of film residents would want to see screened eg promoting the film club through the Sydenham Society and Sydenham Arts Festival.  

 Project 4 – Switch It £4,000 

 This project addresses the assembly priorities of a tackling ant-social behaviour and more activities for children and young people. 

 Description – Run by FA trained coach, Jeremy Zulu, and supported by other volunteers in the community, the project delivers the positive activity of football, enhancing health and fitness. It also provides coaching to develop skills, and it provides the environment to discuss issues relevant to young people, encouraging them to receive mentoring, make positive life choices, to turn away from crime and anti-social behaviour and to stay in education and succeed in life. 

 Up to 50 young people a week will attend, engaging in healthy physical activities, enhancing skills, and discussing issues and learning skills for living well. 

 The coaches and mentors enable young people to discuss issues of concern to them, and where necessary receive help with anger management. They are encouraged to do well at sport, avoid exclusion from school, and to aspire to becoming coaches themselves in the future 

 For more information, go to:


7.00       1.      Introduction and welcome                                                 Cllr Chris Best (Chair) 

 7.05       2.        Feedback from last Sydenham Assembly on 11 September

  • Response to Our Lewisham Our Say
  • Station Approach and public conveniences
  • Myplace funding for the Youth Centre

  7.15       3.      Feedback on the previous £50,000 Mayor’s Fund project

  • Sydenham Arts Festival 2009 – £10,000  
  • Silverdale Hall play area – £10,000 
  • Sydenham Mosaic – £10,000  
  • Young People’s Forum residential weekend – £3,700 
  • Forest Hill and Sydenham Youth Forum – £3,000 
  • Switch It! Football and life skills activities project – £3,000 
  • Sydenham Community Radio – £3,000 
  • Small grants programme to support activities in school holidays – £2,000 
  • Greening Sydenham new planting and maintaining green spaces – £2,000 
  • 15th Sydenham Scouts Group – contribution to scouting activities – £1,700 
  • Sydenham Music – outreach work £1,600   

7.25       4.      Feedback on the Locality Fund for 2010/11 

  • Children’s play area for Brasted Close/Peak Hill blocks – £2,500 
  • Prevention of flytipping behind Sydenham Road – £2,500 
  • Promotion of Sydenham Arts Festival 2010 – £2,000 
  • The Three Musketeers including concession ticket prices – £500 
  • Sydenham Music outreach for older people and children – £2,500 

     7.30       5.      Mayor’s Fund 2010/11 £25,000                                     

                        Recommendations by the Coordinating Group

  • Sydenham Arts Festival 2011- £10,000                  Pat Trembath
  • Sydenham Community Radio – £5,000                   Simon Banks
  • Sydenham Film Club – £4,500                                   Joyce Treasure
  • Switch It! Football and life – £4,000                          Jeremy Zulu                                    

                        Paper voting on the proposals                                       Everyone                  Groups must receive over 51%  

                        Total bid is £23,500 leaving £1,500  

8.10       6.      Future Sydenham – vibrant high street                       Tim Lund

8.30       7.      Information, Open questions and answers 

  • Sydenham Library

Closing date for submissions of interest 20 January 

8.55       8.     Date for the next Assembly meeting      

  • Thursday 3 March 2011 

Any volunteers want to join the Coordinating Group?

 9.00       9.      Close