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Evening Standard praises the “ginger line” – that’s the East London line to you and me.

The Evening Standard of  March 10  gave a round up of delights along the East London line now that it’s been extended as far as Highbury & Inlington.  Sydenham is hailed as a fully paid-up member of the cafe society.

Cafe Seekers

Though mainly residential, Sydenham’s café scene is on the up. The recently opened, Norwegian-run Blue Mountain Cafe (121 Sydenham Road, SE26) is a stylish deli-type stop-off selling organic lemonade and doorstep sandwiches, while Kente Coffee House (16 Sydenham Road) is the place to go to for a round of smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches and a ginger beer in the café’s back garden. If it’s culture you want, head to one of The Dolphin pub’s garden parties (121 Sydenham Road, and tuck into a lemon posset.

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