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“Pear Tree” statue to be erected at Bell Green

One of the conditions of the planning permission for the “Snail” development currently being built at Bell Green is that there should be money made available for creating some urban artwork within the development as part of the gateway to the pedestrian link within the scheme. The design brief was that the concept should relate to the site’s history and location. 

The sculpture which is be erected on the site is based on the fact that the area around Bell Green was once mainly farmland with a preponderance of  pear orchards with the abundant production of pear cider (perry) as evidenced by the local street names around the area – Perry Vale, Perry Rise etc.

The unnamed artist’s vision is that on approaching Bell Green one will become aware, from a distance, of two white flower structures, apparently “floating between the two buildings, presenting a soft, gentle poetic presence, amidst the bustle of Bell Green.

“Moving closer the petal structure forms and the shape emerges with clarity, revealing rhythms, movement and a magnificence of gestural curves. Amidst the whiteness sits yellow and pink centres giving a focus around which the flowers radiate.  On approaching the car park your eyes are lifted upwards and away from hectic noisy technology, attracted and enticed by the quiet, peaceful, contemplative white pear blossom sculptures.”

A planning application for the erection of “Pear Blossoms” has been submitted to the LBL planning department. 

Pear Tree sculpture