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Children’s health in seven Sydenham schools “at risk” from road pollution

According to an authoritative three-year European study, children who attend schools within 400m of busy roads carrying more than 10,000 vehicles per day are liable to significant risks of respiratory problems.

Exposure to exhaust fumes leads to 15-30% of new cases of asthma in children says a new research project called Aphekom in which 60 scientists studied air pollution and health in 25 cities in 12 countries across Europe. According to figures obtained by Clean air in London (CAL) there are 1,148 schools in London within 150m of roads carrying 10,000 cars per day – and more than three times that number within 400m of such a road.

The local schools are:

Haseltine Primary School SE26 5AD

Kelvin Grove Primary School SE26 6BD

Sydenham Girls School SE26 4RD

Sydenham High School SE26 6BL

Dalmain Primary School SE23 1AS

Holy Trinity School SE23 3HZ

Our Lady and St Philip Neri Primary School SE26 5SE

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