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Civic Voice issues call to “Save our High Streets”

With 41% of our towns already classified as “clone towns” and another 23% on the brink we all know our high streets are struggling in the face of economic decline, out-of-town development and the growth of chain stores.

Civic societies are campaigning for their future across England and the importance of high streets has been recognised by the Government which has asked Mary Portas to lead a review.

This is our opportunity to make a real impact and give high streets the support and protection they need. We need your thoughts on the following questions which are being raised:

1. What do you think are the problems with the high street?
2. What do you think should be done to solve them?
3. How might these solutions work in practice?
4. Who should be involved in taking your solutions forward?
5. Do you see your group having a role?

Please will you send your responses to by 28 August at the latest to meet the Government’s deadline.

We will hold a Civic Voice Live debate on this subject on the discussion forum for an hour at 1pm on Wednesday 17 August – make a note in your diary and join the debate.

You can also take a moment to respond to the online poll on how best to save our high streets on our home page

It would also be helpful to have examples of any campaigns you are running to benefit your high street so we can share them with other groups.

The following links provide useful ideas and background: