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What is Neighbourhood Planning and why could it help change our local community?

“What is Neighbourhood Planning, and why might it be relevant for us?”

You may have heard about a range of changes to The Planning System that the Government are proposing.  One of the positive things to come out of the draft legislation is the proposal for Neighbourhood Plans that allow communities to put together their own vision and plan for the future in a way that can then become planning policy. 

The Forest Hill Society and the Sydenham Society are holding an event on the 21st September, upstairs at the Hob, to consider the neighbourhood planning proposals and to discuss whether and how it might be relevant for Forest Hill, Perry Vale and Sydenham to do this.  The idea is that the event gives information about Neighbourhood Planning and Localism, but that it also focusses on the specifics of the areas we are interested in and gets people to think about what could change for the better and what the key issues might be?  We don’t have a set view about whether a Neighbourhood Plan is the answer or not yet, or how it would work, but understanding the issues behind this is one of the purposes of the event. 

We want to people to come along who are interested in the area(s), have ideas, and would like to be part of shaping a positive vision for the future.