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2011 primary school tests – mixed results locally

This year’s primary school tests (showing basic numeracy and literacy amongst pupils) have resulted in every local primary school in our area – except two – passing the government’s benchmark.

Under new rules, all schools are supposed to ensure at least 60 per cent of 11-year-olds reach the standard expected for their age group in English and Maths.

Whilst most schools in SE26 and SE23 exceeded the benchmark by a pleasingly large score, there’s still clearly room for improvement.

Here are the results for local schools showing the combined scores for English and Maths (60% is the benchmark)

Our Lady & St Philp Neri SE 26 5SE             97%

Fairlawn SE23 3SB                                           96%

All Saints SE23 0TX                                         92%

Haseltine SE26 5AD                                         88%

St Barts SE26 4LJ                                             86%

Holy Trinity SE23 3HZ                                    84%

Eliot Bank SE26 4BU                                       82%

Adamsrill SE26 4AQ                                        78%

Kilmorie SE23 2SP                                           77%

Christ ChurchSE23 2NE                                 76%

St William of York SE23 1PS                          76%

Perrymount SE23 2PX                                    70%

Gordonbrock SE23 2QU                                 70%

Dalmain SE23 1AS                                           67%

Horniman SE23 3BP                                       66%

St Michael’s SE26 4HH                                  63%

Kelvin GroveSE26 6BB                                  59%

Alexandra School SE26 5DS                         59%