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The African Classical Music Ensemble play at St Christophers

Dame Cicely Saunders Room, St Christopher’s Hospice, Lawrie Park Road SE26 6DZ – Thursday February 2 at 7.30pm

Tunde Jegede’s apprenticeship with African music began in 1978 and was further developed in 1982 when he first went to the Gambia to study the ancient Griot tradition of West Africa. Tunde is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who is uniquely placed between contemporary classical, African and popular music. He is a master kora player and specialises in the West African classical music tradition dating from the period of Sundiata. The music the ensemble will perform tonight is termed ‘African classical music’ which is a blend of both traditional and contemporary compositions featuring the kora, guitar and udu.

To reserve your place at one of these exclusive concerts, contact Debbie Calvert at or on 020 8768 4747 (Monday to Fri 10am-4pm). Money will be payable at the door. If you cancel a reserved place please let Debbie  know as numbers are limited