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Drinking Control Order – your views wanted

Lewisham Council is reviewing the Designated Public Place Order (also known as a Drinking Control Order) that was put in place in spring 2011 following a six month trial period to tackle alcohol-related antisocial behaviour and disorder.

The Council is undertaking its annual public consultation on how the Order is working, and wants to hear the views of Sydenham residents and  businesses.

The Designated Public Place Order is not a ban on alcohol consumption in a public place and does not make drinking in public an offence, but it is a measure that gives the police extra powers to confiscate alcohol from individuals who are causing or are likely to cause antisocial behaviour and nuisance within a  designated area. The Order is currently being enforced borough-wide and provides the police with a tool to address alcohol-related disorder in a quick and  effective way.

The consultation is open until 5 March 2012.

Go to to take part.