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Brockley Jack presents SPRING AWAKENING

Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind adapted from Francis J. Ziegler’s translation by John Fricker

Wendla Bergman just wants to know about it.
Mrs Bergman doesn’t want to discuss it.
Moritz is too nervous to talk about it.
Melchior can explain it, with diagrams.
Innocent eyes will see what you tell them.
A little learning is a dangerous thing.

In 1890 Frank Wedekind wrote a play to expose German society’s hypocrisy towards sexuality. Spring Awakening is the only play Wedekind never changed.

Depicting teenage sexuality, education, homoeroticism, suicide and abuse, and pitting this against an unrelenting repression that leads to tragedy, Spring Awakening was often labelled pornography.

OutFox Productions makes their debut with Wedekind’s Spring Awakening . They are bringing the play into the 1950s, and adding a surprising contemporary twist, to show how this tale of sexual angst is still shockingly relevant over a century on.

“In thirty years, on an evening like to-day, if we recall this one, perhaps it will seem too beautiful for words.”

Wednesday 20 June – Saturday 14 July at 7.45pm
Saturday 30 June and Saturday 7 July also at 3.30pm
(Contains smoking, violence and scenes of a sexual nature. Over 16s)
Tickets: £12, £10 conc.
To book online click here