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From Alhambra to Marrakech

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 7pm – 9pm Gallery Square

Tickets (inc. a glass of wine in the interval): · Adults – £12 (in advance) £14 (on the door) · £10 Friends of the Horniman · £6 Student (limited availability).

Book online at

  • Hassan Erraji (oud, violin and bendir)
  • Yasmin Erraji (vocals)
  • Joe Montague (drums)
  • Max Sterling (bass guitar)

Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Hassan Erraji enchants his audiences with his percussive oud, and plangent violin melodies. His music blends danceable contemporary global sounds with the magic of the maqams – Arabic modal scales and draws on styles such as tarab al Andalusi and chaabi that are thriving in Morocco today. In this rare London concert, Hassan presents a modern take on the rich heritage of Arabo-Andalusian music.
Hassan Erraji has played in music festivals all over Europe, including WOMAD, Glastonbury and the Royal Festival Hall.  His most recent album Awal Marra ([Love] at first sight), was released in 2010 to critical acclaim and recorded by widely respected producer Dave Creffield (Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace) and mixed by Carl Rosamond (The Wedding Present).

‘His singing is emphatic and infectiously exuberant, as is his playing on the oud.’ Michael Church, The Scotsman