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Brockley Jack presents Shakespeare’s first and last plays

Bookends: The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Two Noble Kinsmen by William Shakespeareproduced by Perfect Shadow Mingled Yarn directed by Rafaella Marcus and Matthew Monaghan

Before the comedies there were Two Gentlemen of Verona. After the tragedies there were Two Noble Kinsmen. Critically acclaimed theatre company Perfect Shadow Mingled Yarn presents the two plays that bookend Shakespeare’s career.

His first play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, opens on a world where four young men and women are learning how to fall in love, and the consequences of falling in love with the wrong person. His last play, The Two Noble Kinsmen, closes on a world where love is dictated by society, war divides friendship, and the person you fall in love with is not always who you end up with.

Together, two fairytales unfold two different and difficult examinations of love: one light, one dark, one young, one old, one comic, one tragic. Perfect Shadow Mingled Yarn will perform these plays in rep to explore how much love changes across Shakespeare’s career – and how much it stays the same.

Oh, you heavenly charmers, what things you make of us.

Until Saturday 8 September at 7.45pm Saturday Matinees at 3.30pm Tickets: £12, £10 or book to see both for £20, £16 To book on line click here

Performance schedule: Two Gentlemen of Verona: Tuesday 21 August, Thursday 23 August, Saturday 25 matinee, Wednesday 29 August, Friday 31 August, Saturday 1 September evening, Wednesday 5 September, Friday 7 September, Saturday 8 matinee. The Two Noble Kinsmen: Wednesday 22 August, Friday 24 August, Saturday 25 August evening, Tuesday 28 August, Thursday 30 August, Saturday 1 September matinee, Tuesday 4 September, Thursday 6 September, Saturday 8 September evening. Please note this production contains scenes of a strong sexual nature and is suitable for over 16’s only