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Joyce Treasure exhibits at Sugahill

Joyce Treasure will be exhibiting prints from her collection AfroEase at Sugar Hill cafe from 9th August .

On display will be fine art prints taken from her AfroEase collection where all the characters in the paintings have Afro hairstyles. She use this form to represents freedom, an unwinding and a natural flow with what ‘is’ in her paintings. She is interested in using our differences to unite, so although the collection has a cultural reference, the implication behind the use is to portray a sense of acceptance… to go with the flow and let go, movement and freedom.
Work will be on display for 6-weeks until the 15th September. Sugahill cafe serve a good coffee and the sandwiches and paninis are delicious with a variety of other dishes served by the lovely and friendly owner Yasemen… so check it out. Sit, sip and munch, whilst surrounded by Joyce’s cheerful and lively figurative art work.
250 Kirkdale 
SE26 4NL    
0208 659 5828