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Local estate agent Property World agrees to remove “unsightly” sales boards on Sydenham Road

After complaints that estate agent notice boards are blighting Sydenham Road, local estate agents Property World have decided to introduce an immediate six month moratorium on the use of boards above commercial premises on Sydenham Rd. This will extend from Cobbs Corner to Bell Green and will include Kirkdale. All existing boards will be removed and no further boards will be erected (above commercial premises) during this period.

Co-owner of Property World, Dan Crowley commented that “Our reputation is very important to us, not only because we are business owners but because my brother and I are local residents too. I want to stress that every single board we erect has the explicit permission of either the vendor or landlord and we have actively sought out a board company (agents don’t physically erect the boards themselves) who are reliable, trustworthy and are fastidious about not causing any damage whatsoever. We never “fly board” (the practice of erecting boards where the agent does not have a property for sale or rent).

“As local business owners and Sydenham residents for over ten years, my brother and I care passionately about the area and share the desire to see Sydenham prosper and improve. We feel part of the local community and take our role in promoting Sydenham seriously.

“We are very grateful that people recognise our contribution to local events and the role we play in the local community – the most visible is the Sydenham Arts Festival. We have also been major contributors or sponsors to the Sydenham International Music Festival, the productions of Spontaneous Productions, The Arts In The Park Family Fun Day and sponsorship of the Sydenham squash team to name but a few.

“We aren’t the only estate agent in Sydenham and the removal of our boards isn’t going to fix this entire problem. But we are keen to do our bit and take a lead.

“All existing boards will be removed and no further boards will be erected (above commercial premises) during this period. We will use the six months to evaluate the commercial impact this decision has had on our business and to also consult with our clients (predominately our major landlords). Some landlords or vendors may feel strongly that a board will assist us in finding a buyer or tenant for their property. If so, this is something we will have to think about and discuss with them. We will obviously explain our decision and hope they agree with us and see the benefit to the wider community. Given the strength of feeling on this issue we hope it proves feasible to make our ban permanent.”