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News from the LoveCleanStreets Network at

Help to keep Lewisham streets free of dumped rubbish, grafitti and pot holes. First search your app store for the latest version of LoveCleanLondon, part of the LoveCleanStreets Network and load down the app. Or you can download the app from the lovecleanstreets site above.

How to use the LoveCleanStreets app

Using a smartphone it’s simply a case of opening the app, taking a quick photo of the problem and sending it to LoveCleanStreets. They do the rest.

What Can I Report?

You can report all kinds of issues with LoveCleanStreets. The most popular reports are about graffiti, dumped waste and pot holes. But loving where you live is a team activity!
Why not share the things you love about your area, a fantastic park, local landmark or a well-swept street? Better still, why not share the little things you’re doing to keep the place clean
and tidy? Use the FYI IFI Category to report those times you pick-up the odd bit of litter and put it in the bin. That way you can encourage others to follow you lead.

Where Can I Use LoveCleanStreets?

Anywhere!  Our app knows which local authority or utility company can deal with your report. And the team follow-up reports to encourage a positive response. They handle 10,000 reports a month – and your report could go to an authority department or a contractor for completion – it can be complex behind the scenes but it is simple for you: see it, report it and walk on. Usually in less than 40 seconds.

Lovecleanstreets are  constantly refining their mobile apps and adding new features. You can now see local reports on your device, update existing reports or start one. You can also ‘nudge’ our
administrator to provide additional feedback if you feel the job hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction. You can also save reports to be sent later.


We want you to keep posting reports from across the UK throughout the games and beyond!