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Sydenham Road Improvements – Contractor’s Report

Here is the report of contractor JB Riney on latest developments on Sydenham Road.

All enquiries about the site works should be addressed to JB Riney’s Contracts Manager, Jim Stacy on 07940 951636 or Steve Clark on 07720 092485. Alternatively, you can e-mail Jim at or Steve at

For full details and reports see:’s-progress-report.aspx

19 October 2012

“Works in the town centre are progressing very well and in accordance with the overall works programme.

“JB Riney’s engineers have resolved the previously-reported drainage problems in Kirkdale. Surface water is now running freely through the sewer.

“In the past week:

  • ducts have been installed for CCTV and for the traffic signals upgrade
  • new paving has been laid at the Kirkdale Care Centre
  • a new parking bay, outside numbers 4-10 Sydenham Road, has been constructed.

“During the coming week, paving slabs will be laid between numbers 4-10 Sydenham Road and into Kirkdale. This will give a clear indication of the finished paved surface.

“In the lead-up to Christmas and over the Christmas to New Year period, works to the carriageway will cease and no temporary traffic signals will be operating. This will be in effect from Monday 5 November to Sunday 13 January. However, contractors will continue working in the following parts of the town centre:

  • from outside/opposite the Kirkdale Care Centre to outside/opposite 4 Westwood Hill
  • outside/opposite 277-289 Kirkdale
  • Venner Road
  • Queensthope Road.

“Additionally, during this period the contractor is proposing to carry out paving works on the footway from the Blue Mountain Café to the railway bridge (south side only) from Monday to Friday plus Saturday mornings. The Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group has been informed of the proposal and requires this not to be carried out under traffic signal control. Access to business premises will of course be maintained at all times whilst these works are taking place.”

12 October 2012

“This has been an eventful week, during which, in spite of encountering water main leaks in two separate areas, we have successfully managed to remain on schedule.

“Drainage problems in Kirkdale, as reported during week 2 of the programme, are now almost resolved. The site team excavated and exposed about 4 metres of collapsed, surface-water sewer, which was the cause of the blockages. They are currently replacing this broken section and are confident that the task will be completed before the end of next week.

“This week has seen further progress on installing new, silver-grey granite kerb, renewing drainage and reconstructing the carriageway in Kirkdale.

“In the coming week, work will continue in Kirkdale and along Sydenham Road, towards Venner Road. We will be installing new kerbs, creating new parking bays, relaying drainage and reconstructing the carriageway.

“Also, next week, Venner Road will be closed to traffic, entering from Sydenham Road, in preparation for the construction of the ‘pocket square’. Vehicular access into Venner Road will then be via Lennard Road and Tredown Road.

“Negotiations with Network Rail, on the acquisition of Sydenham Station Approach, are now drawing to a successful conclusion. The planned works for the Station Approach can now therefore be incorporated into the overall project programme.”

4 October 2012

“The pedestrian crossings and bus stops that were temporarily suspended, in Kirkdale and Westwood Hill, have now been brought back into use, following the completion of carriageway reconstruction, drainage and kerb works. During the coming week, Sydenham Road’s carriageway, between the railway bridge and Newlands Park, will be reconstructed.

“JB Riney’s Site Agent, Steve Clarke, has received a number of enquiries from residents recently. The most frequently asked question being, ‘will the tarmac, that borders the new kerb line, be remaining permanently?’ The tarmac is providing a temporary support for the new granite kerbstones, which have been laid to a slightly different profile to the old ones. The contractors are waiting to take delivery of new paving stones which will eventually replace the temporary tarmac, creating an even, paved surface.”

27 September 2012

“We are now 10 days into this year-long project, and this past week has seen further progress with the reconstruction of the carriageway. This has inevitably had a high impact on traffic flows which, we regret, is unavoidable. However, we would like to assure you that these works will produce long term gains and greatly minimise carriageway maintenance works for many years in the future.

“We fully realise the inconvenience caused by the short-term closure of pedestrian crossings, but this is unavoidable while temporary traffic signals are in operation. If you are experiencing difficulties in crossing the road while the pedestrian crossings are out of action, please contact J.B.Riney’s Site Agent, Steve Clarke on 07720 092485. Steve will be able to provide assistance, if required. Alternatively, you can e-mail Steve at to arrange assistance in advance.

“The main focus of the work this week has been centred around the junction of Westwood Hill and Kirkdale. Apart from the carriageway reconstruction work, good progress has been made on installing new rainwater drainage. In addition, approximately 200 metres of new silver-grey granite kerb has been laid.

“In the coming week we will be completing our carriageway reconstruction work around Cobbs Corner and will continue into Kirkdale, towards the railway bridge. Also, next week, we will be digging trial holes along Sydenham Road to accommodate the infrastructure for street lighting, new traffic signals and CCTV.

“Thank you for your continued patience and co-operation through the early stages of the project.”