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Lewisham Hospital – Public Consultation Meeting

Lewisham Hospital special consultation meeting – a vital meeting on the future of our local hospital
The Sydenham Society, working with the Sydenham Assembly, has arranged an extra public consultation meeting starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 6 December at Sydenham School, Dartmouth Road. Dr Jane Fryer, Medical Director of NHS South East London will be presenting the draft recommendations, including the closure of Lewisham’s A&E and maternity services.
For  details of proposed consultation see
You have until midnight on 13 December 2012 to let the Trust Special Administrator know what you think about the draft recommendation. If you have not already signed the petition set up by Heidi Alexander, MP for Lewisham East, protesting about the proposed changes to services at Lewisham Hospital please go to the online link at:

For more information about the impact the proposed changes may have on NHS services in Bromley, and in particular the the future of the Beckenham Beacon, please go to the Penge and Cator ward councillors blog at: