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Police test body-worn video cameras in Lewisham

Graham Price, Chief Inspector at Lewisham Police has announced that Lewisham Borough has been selected to take part in the Met Police pilot of body-worn video (BWV).

Front line emergency response officers from two teams in the borough will be using the cameras as well as armed response officers from the Met Police firearms command, who are deployed in the borough in response to incidents. The teams using the BWV will be assessed in comparison with those teams without them.

Key facts:

◦  Officers using BWV can spend less time writing statements and completing paperwork
◦  The use of BWV in other countries has been shown to moderate the behaviour of people involved in incidents and helped to ensure public confidence in the police.
◦  Officers using BWV will not have the cameras operating at all times. They will only be switched on when an incident occurs or when an officer wants to collect statements or evidence. Officers will inform those present when the camera is switched on.  
◦  Footage from the cameras not needed as evidence will be removed from the system within 31 days. People who have been recoded have the right to see footage of themselves.