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Rebuild the Greyhound pub



For nearly 300 years the Greyhound pub was a well-known and attractive landmark which welcomed people to Sydenham. Two and a half years ago it was partly demolished without Conservation Area Consent – a criminal act for which its owner, Purelake, was fined in the courts. Since then this sad structure has remained as a blight on our high street and is preventing new investment in the area. It’s now seven years since the pub was last open and we are now saying to our Council and Lewisham’s Mayor: Enough is Enough – we want our pub back!

Today the Sydenham Society are launching a campaign – Rebuild the Greyhound Pub – which we hope will lead to a resolution of this longstanding problem, get our pub rebuilt (and operating as a pub!) and allow the retail space to the rear and side to be let.

​But we can’t do this on our own. We need the entire community ​to participate and get ​behind this campaign. And we need support from all those who live, work and shop in Sydenham.

In the course of the next few days I intend to contact you to explain what’s ​gone wrong at the Greyhound and how we can act together to get the result we all want – the rebuilding of our pub.

As a first step can I ask you to sign our on-line petition at:

Many thanks,

Annabel McLaren
Chair, Sydenham Society