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Greyhound – pub to be rebuilt by April 2015?






Greyhound latest – it looks as though we’ve made a breakthrough!

John Miller, Lewisham’s Head of Planning, sent the email below to Pat Trembath on Friday afternoon, in response to a question from her regarding the timetable for rebuilding. As you can see, the content of the message is pretty conclusive. We’ve double-checked with John regarding its confidentiality – he’s confirmed that it’s not confidential hence we’re sharing it here.

John Miller wrote: “… we have written again to the owners’ solicitors to ask them to submit their detailed proposals urgently and we received a response from them on Wednesday. This confirmed that they are in the process of submitting detailed plans and a detailed Schedule of Works together with an s96A application with the intention of completing the development by April of next year.”

An s96A application allows the local authority to agree changes to an already consented planning application without going through the process of putting the application before a planning committee. In this case it would allow the basement, conservatory, beer hatch etc to be approved without further delay.

The view of the core campaign group is that we should cautiously welcome this latest turn of events while at the same time keeping a close eye on the site and keeping up the pressure on the Council and the owners.

Annabel McLaren, Chair, Sydenham Society