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Rebuild the Greyhound Campaign News





Rebuild the Greyhound Campaign News

We’ve just heard that Lewisham planners met the Greyhound’s owners on site on Monday to discuss the methods to be employed for the removal of the RSJ and the mezzanine floor prior to rebuilding the Greyhound in order to comply with the 2010 planning permission.

It’s been agreed that the roof should be rebuilt in order to “pull the building together” before the unauthorised floor can be removed. Other matters of detail were also discussed and additional information will be provided to Lewisham by the owners’ planning consultants.

Although it had been hoped that work would start during December it is now likely that it will be January before this happens. However the timetable for completing the rebuild remains as April 2015.

Fingers crossed for good weather!

Annabel McLaren, Chair, Sydenham Society