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Get your bike security- marked by the Met Police

Get your bike security- marked by the Met Police

10am-1pm at Bell Green on Saturday 29th August and Sunday 30 August

Lewisham Safer Transport Team will be security-marking bicycles at Bell Green Sainsbury’s on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th between 10am and 1pm.

The reason they are offering this service is because when bikes are stolen thieves tend to file the bicycle’s frame number and re spray them so they can no longer be identified by the owner or the police when found.

The police mark the bicycles by applying a stencil to the frame of the bike which has a unique registration number for that individual’s bicycle. They then apply a UV paint over the stencil which then tattoos itself to the bike frame. This paint then etches itself into the frame as well as etching through any paint that is applied to the bike if it is to be re sprayed by the owner or the bike thieves.

Normally this would cost an individual approx £17 per bicycle they have marked but Lewisham STT are offering this service FOR FREE. They register the bikes on a national database called BIKE REGISTER. After the bikes have been registered with this company they will then contact the owner with their log in details so if you move home or sell the bike all the relevant information on the company website can be changed.