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Dacres Wood -Open Day

Dacres Wood

Nature Reserve

(at the end of a drive off Dacres Road – see map link below)

Open Day

1- 4pm Saturday September 26

For their September Open Day, the organisers at Dacres Wood have bought 20 flat pack bird boxes, half with 25 mm holes suitable for smaller birds, such as blue tits, and the rest with 32mm holes for birds such as sparrows and nuthatches.

As well as just looking round, maybe spotting the autumn fungi, why not join them, either sponsoring one of the boxes to go up in the reserve, or making one to take back to your garden?  If you sponsor a box, the organisers will keep an eye on it, let you know when it is occupied next year, and invite you to come back to see what’s happened.

This is a fun thing for parents to do with kids, but the advice from LB Lewisham’s Ecology officer is that it is a little bit fiddly for young kids and they definitely need adult help and two people to screw the boxes together.


The organisers will be looking for £12 per box to cover total costs.


Visit Dacres Wood website

Dacres Wood is a small nature reserve beside the railway line between Forest Hill and Sydenham. Find where it is here