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Lewisham consult on more recycling bins and less frequent collections

LBL are conducting a survey to get your views about how they  might change the way they collect waste and recycling from houses and flats in houses in Lewisham (those that typically have collections from a wheelie bin).

The borough needs to change. First, they need to comply with new regulations that were introduced on 1 January 2015. To do this they must show that waste collection arrangements maximise the amount of paper, metal, plastic and glass that is recycled and improve its quality, taking into account technical, environmental and economic practicalities.Second, by 2020 they have to show that 50% of all the borough’s waste is either recycled, reused or composted. If the council do not meet this UK-wide target then they are likely to face significant fines.

Lewisham aims to collect different materials for recycling separately, rather than altogether as we do now. Changes like this could mean more bins and boxes for residents to use and changes to the frequency of some collections.

You can respond to the online consultation