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Albion Millennium Green Tust – AGM

Albion Millenium Green Trust
11am Saturday 7 November
Forest Hill Pools
Dartmouth Road SE23

The Annual General Meeting of the Trust is to be held on 7th November for a report of activity during the period from November 2014 – October 2015.  We are also seeking your endorsement for a change of rules to the Trust to ensure that the Forest Hill Society, Glynwood Court Residents Association, Sydenham Park Conservation Area and Holy Trinity School are entitled to nominate a trustee.

Situated between Albion Villas Road and the railway line, Albion Millennium Green is a small urban woodland which has emerged from the overgrown former tennis club site.  It has winding paths, meadow areas and fruit trees and is easily accessible from Albion Villas Road and from the railway path which runs between Forest Hill and Sydenham.

The Green is owned by the local charitable trust formed in 1998 for the purposes of purchasing the land from the former tennis club trustees and to protect and enhance the space for the benefit of the local community.   The Friends of Albion Millennium Green group has taken care of the upkeep and has organized many events and activities there.  The Green has been transformed into a much loved and highly valued open space.

All members of the Forest Hill/Upper Sydenham communities are welcome to attend.

This notice is issued on behalf of the Albion Millennium Green Trust