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Mayow Park – Adopt an apple tree

Mayow Park
Adopt an apple tree

Saturday 5 March from 10.30 am
Community Orchard
Planting Day 

Residents of Sydenham and Forest Hill are being urged to adopt a tree at their local community orchard in Mayow Park, and get involved in its ongoing care and management – with the promise of free fruit for all!

The call comes ahead of a special planting day at the community orchard on Saturday 5th March which will see a further six fruit trees and a shrub added to the 11 plum, pear and apple trees that were originally planted in January 2012 when the orchard was first established. The new trees will include four apple trees, one quince, one cherry and an ‘Autumn Olive’ shrub, popular with foragers thanks to its small edible red berries which appear late in the year.

Mayow Park’s community orchard is part of a nation-wide initiative by Helping Britain Blossom which aims to create and restore over 100 community orchards across Britain by 2017. Seven community orchards have already been created across London for local communities to manage, enjoy and use, bringing people together to create green spaces and build healthier, happier and more sustainable communities.

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