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Film Club – Jacques Tati in PLAYTIME

Sydenham Film Club

Jacques Tati in PLAYTIME

116 Sydenham Road SE26 5HB
7.30pm Thursday 26 May
Monsieur Hulot curiously wanders around a futuristic Paris, paralleling a trip with a group of American tourists. Meanwhile, a nightclub/restaurant prepares its opening night, but it’s still under construction and Monsieur Hulot makes sure he pays a visit- with total chaos ensuing!Considered to be simply one of the best comedies (and even films in general) in history, Tati’s classic is a true marvel of comedy, perfectly orchestrated gags AND architecture, featuring his alter-ego, the beloved hopeless nostalgic/romantic, Monsieur Hulot. Shot on 70mm on a massive,  purpose-built set of concrete buildings, the film was the most ambitious project from the visionary filmmaker. Hilarious, sometimes melancholic but never pessimistic, “Playtime” is one of those films which proudly give cinema the title of a true Art form! “My favorite movie, this 1967 French comedy by actor-director Jacques Tati has the most intricately designed mise en scene in all of cinema.” Jonathan Rosenbaum, ★★★★★ “Jacques Tati’s 1967 masterpiece still holds up as a feast of subtle sight gags, playful noise and, above all, visual wonders.” David Calhoun,
★★★★★ “Comedy has rarely been so intricate, incisive and inspired.” David Parkinson, ★★★★★ “PlayTime is a work of unparalleled genius—so unparalleled, in fact, that back in 1967 a lot of audiences weren’t even sure how to watch it.” Noel Murray,
“Jacques Tati’s “Playtime” (…) is one of a kind, complete in itself, a species already extinct at the moment of its birth. (…) a peculiar, mysterious, magical film.” Roger Ebert,