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Improved walking and cycling

Join the Sydenham & Forest Hill Societies in our campaign to make local walking and cycling easier!

We are pursuing an initiative to secure a potentially large sum of TfL money for street improvements to make walking and cycling the easy and obvious choice for local journeys in Sydenham, Forest Hill and Perry Vale wards.

So far it’s been well received by people we’ve spoken to, including councillors from all three wards. However, what’s become apparent is that we need to build a small team with people from the Sydenham Society, Forest Hill Society and any other interested parties to push this forward. We will meet semi-regularly, plan and deliver a series of workshops with the community, use the internet and social media to consult the community, and possibly a few other things too. Your degree of involvement will of course be up to you and getting involved is no commitment to anything specifically.

General enthusiasm for the idea is the only requirement, but if we can get some people with any of the following skills/experience, all the better:

  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Social media campaigning
  • Dealing with Lewisham Council officers and members
  • Writing persuasive prose
  • Transport planning
  • Highway design.

Please email (Brendan Cuddihy) if you’re interested.