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Comment on London Plan

Comment on the


The London Mayor has released his views on the future of the capital for the next decade. The New London Plan includes strategies for transport, environment, planning, heritage, culture and much more.

You can read the London Plan here

All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 2 March 2018.

The key housing elements of the plan are that the target for new homes is increased from the current 49,000 per annum to 66,000 each year.The housing target for some boroughs has been doubled.The requirement for affordable homes has been set at 65 per cent of new build. Low cost rent homes at to be 47 per cent of all new homes. Intensifying land use is proposed in all London boroughs and town centres. This means an intensification of building (higher and denser) within 800m of a rail or tube station.

In Lewisham Borough, the housing targets go from around 1,500 homes per year to 2,117 homes per year. The new category – housing targets for small sites close to stations – will average 829 homes per year in Lewisham.