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The Greyhound opening 23rd February

After an extensive refurbishment, it’s nearly time to welcome you to The Greyhound, and the good news is we’re all invited!

Friday 23rd February they are opening the doors to our community here in Sydenham and excited to get the pub filled with friends and future friends.

To find out more about The Greyhound, what they do and to sign up for opening offers head to their website

For those that don’t know the history of The Greyhound… The first mention of The Greyhound pub on this site was 1720, and it was rebuilt in 1873, demolished between 2007 and 2013 by developers with little interest in the history of Sydenham and the pub’s importance to Sydenham. After over 10 years of campaigning for the rebuilding of The Greyhound this will be a momentous event for all of us to remember and future generations to celebrate! It’s been a long haul that’s for sure.  Another chapter of Sydenham’s history is just beginning.