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We need a bus stop shelter on high street by Boots

We need a shelter at one of Sydenham’s busiest bus stops


Let’s demand one now!

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This stop, just outside Boots the Chemist, is used by four frequent buses – the 75, 194, 202 and 450.

Without a shelter, passengers are forced into shop doorways to shelter from the wind and rain or crowd across the pavement.

It’s bad for bus users, bad for local businesses who have their entrances blocked and bad for pedestrians walking along this section of the high street.

TfL do not regard a shelter here as a priority, saying  they cannot afford one, that there is not enough space, and that the pavement layout might need to be changed.  There are shelters in much smaller spaces elsewhere on the 75 bus route.

Moving the bus stop sign westwards could allow a slimline shelter, closed on the road side.

Let’s demand this now!