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Our Lady & St Philip Neri School re-build

Sydenham Society will present a motion to the Sydenham Assembly at the meeting tonight, 7pm – 9pm, Wednesday 13 June at Sydenham Centre, 44a Sydenham Road, London SE26 5QX.

The Sydenham Assembly calls for a public meeting to be held well before the start of the school summer holiday to discuss the rebuilding of the school.

The building has not been constructed in accordance with the planning permission granted in 2016, yet it has been occupied by children and staff. It should be re-built strictly in line with the original planning permission even if this means substantial reconstruction.

The public meeting should be held in accordance with the Statement of Community Involvement (as set out in the Lewisham Development Framework) and all stakeholders (local residents, the school, councillors, the developers and relevant officers from Lewisham Council) should be present.