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Bell Green gas holders decision

The Sydenham Society and These Streets Belong to Us from Perry Vale regret Lewisham Council’s recent decision to permit the demolition of the locally listed cast iron Bell Green gas holders.

Annabel McLaren said: “The Bell Green gas holders are a visual reminder of the rich history of gas production in Lower Sydenham. In our view the decision to allow the demolition of these iconic cast iron structures amounts to shortsighted civic vandalism. Demolishing the gas holders will inevitably lead to a bland streetscape, of the kind that is found everywhere. The Sydenham Society will continue to fight for the enhancement of the Grade II listed Livesey Hall, the adjacent war memorial, the bowling green and pavilion, with the aim of securing a sustainable and appropriate development in the longer term.”

Speaking on behalf of the campaign, Cllr Alan Hall said: “Residents are not opposed to development, but they are in favour of an imaginative scheme that includes the listed and historic buildings on the site. Bell Green urgently needs a Masterplan. The fight continues!”