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Help Adamsrill school build a library

Adamsrill Primary School is a thriving, multicultural community school serving over 500 pupils from across Sydenham. As a Parent-Teacher Association (Friends of Adamsrill) our fundraising goal last year was to create a library for the whole school community to make use of, and we were on our way to raising much-needed funds for this project. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to curtail our fundraising efforts and we are now £5,000 short of our final goal. We all know the power and the impact that a library can have on children and we can imagine we all have indelible memories of reading experiences within the library environment; books recommended to us that we would otherwise have never discovered, finding a cosy nook to lose ourselves in an imaginary world, and the shared experience of reading a text with friends and relishing the joy of discovery. 

The plans for our Adamsrill School library show a warm, inviting and inclusive space where all children can experience the benefits of reading for pleasure. But we need your help – any donations to our crowdfunding page would help to secure this space for the school and ensure that we can fill our shelves with books to nourish the heart and mind. Just £10 could buy a series of books that would inspire the next generation. Thank you so much for your support and generosity. 
The ‘Adamsrill School Library’ crowdfunding page can be found at (

Thank you so much.

Martha Lord and Ellie Norris Co-chairs of Friends Of Adamsrill