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Sydenham Arts Films

US – showing at The Grove Centre 7pm Thursday 29th October

So, you’ve made it, right? You are living the American dream, correct? Is your beach vacation serene enough? What is troubling you? Who is to blame? Us or the Others? Who are Us and who are the Others? Are you screaming yet?   Jordan Peele follows his hit film debut, ‘Get Out’ with this eerie, mind-boggling and unexpectedly philosophical, cinematic nightmare. You don’t want to miss the intrigue, existential puzzles, enigmas, and Lupita Nyong’o’s amazing double-role performance, which you have to see to believe.
ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY Please Note, in line with Covid19 Tier 2 Guidelines for the London area, only members from the same household can be seated together at screenings. Please book separately for each household attending. Full Event Guidelines are available by clicking the ‘Book Now’ link below.