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Winter Window Wanderland

Sydenham Arts project for Christmas window decorations

Get ready for…..

Sydenham’s Winter Window Wanderland!

12 December – 5 January  

When something brings a smile to your face during these difficult times it must be a good thing.

A Window Wanderland is the perfect community activity – Covid-friendly with no worries about being in a crowd – and of course, it’s completely FREE.

The Sydenham Arts Artists Trail team brings you the Sydenham Winter Window Wanderland.

Our theme is simple – “Winter”, to reflect the time of year. But don’t let that restrict your creativity! Whatever colourful and imaginative ideas you have are most welcome. We expect there will be lots of festive windows and lockdown themes but let your imagination run wild. It could be a perfect project for the remainder of lockdown and children and adults alike will love seeing their designs lit up in your windows.

Don’t feel this is limited to your windows. You may decorate your gardens, balconies or stairwells too so long as it’s all visible from the pavement – window wanderers won’t enter your gardens or personal space.

Sydenham Arts Winter Window Wanderland will be three weeks long from 12th December – 5th January 2021. You are welcome to join in or take down at any time but we would love you to participate for the whole time so no window wanderers are disappointed missing your magical display.

We will post photographs on all our social media platforms and urge you to do the same as you wander around. More information will be available on our website

  There’s much more information on our website, but here are all the important details if you’d like to sign up and take part!   Windows should be completed for the Wanderland, taking place from 12th December-5th January inclusive. If you can’t do the full time, that’s okay too.   The window displays work by light shining through your window and showing the design to the outside world – participants should try to keep their lights on between 5-8pm over the display period.   If you need some basic materials to get started, packs including multi-coloured tissue paper and some ideas will be available, first come, first served, from Property World Sydenham Branch, from 1st December.   You’ll need to sign up using the button below to make sure you appear on our map, by 1st December!