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Animal Farm

6 performances only: every weekend at 2pm on Saturday and Sunday in Mayow Park

Show dates: Sat 26 June, Sun 27 June, Sat 3 July, Sun 4 July, Sat 10 July, Sun 11 July

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“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”  

The second presentation by Spontaneous Productions spectacular Summer Season of Outdoor Theatre is a new adaptation of George Orwell’s masterful satire of totalitarianism.   First published in 1945, Orwell’s stunning allegory of the corruption of the perfect society tells the story of the animals of Manor Farm. Inspired by visionary pig Old Major, their dream of a new, self-managed system is quickly soured by the innate greed of those who take power – in this case, the pig Napoleon and his sycophantic sidekick Squealer. Only Snowball, the idealistic pig who led the Rebellion, appears to cling to Old Major’s dream, but his rivals have other ideas…   Told with the clarity of a fairytale but exploring dark themes and through comic exaggeration, this production is faithful to the original book – with a few twists of course! Expect powerful physical theatre performances, stylised designs and costumes, original music by Paul Tornbohm and occasional audience participation, this highly imaginative show will take you on a journey into the dark heart of man – and pig!  

Please note that due to its themes this production is not suitable for young children. Those aged 11+ are very welcome, though parental guidance is advised.  

Spontaneous Productions summer shows are always very popular so we advise early booking to avoid disappointment.

Tickets may be purchased in advance online (link above) or at Kirkdale Bookshop in person. Any remaining seats will be available on the door from 30 mins before show start time.