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Author: Barry Milton

Crystal Palace Subway

Architects appointed

As a result of a successful funding bid to allow initial restoration
work to continue on the historic subway, the Friends of Crystal Palace
Subway have announced that the Sydenham based architectural
practice, Thomas Ford and Partners, will lead the multidisciplinary
team on the restoration project. It is hoped that this award will help
to eventually remove the subway from Historic England’s
‘Heritage at Risk Register’.

Clive England, the project’s lead architect from Thomas Ford
and Partners said, “It is a real privilege to be a part of this exciting
project, which will restore the historic Subway and provide it with
a sustainable future. Whilst we work on conservation projects
throughout the UK, there is something very special about being
involved with such an important project in our local community, close
to where we live and work. This project is the latest in a series of
local, community-based, heritage projects with which we have been
successfully involved including the Homestead and other buildings at
Beckenham Place Park, and The Fellowship Inn in Bellingham.”
The subway will be closed throughout the restoration project which
may be disappointing news to many of you, but we look forward to
updating you on how the work is progressing.

Sydenham Society AGM

Join the meeting on Zoom


7pm Tuesday 22nd SEPTEMBER

The 47th Annual General Meeting of the Sydenham Society will take place on Tuesday 22 September from 7pm-8.30pm via Zoom.

Hear what’s going on locally from the Sydenham Society, arts groups and local councillors.

Below is the Zoom link for the meeting

Meeting ID: 747 173 3055
Passcode: 727826

Please see below:

* Minutes of the last AGM below (please read this since copies will not be available at the meeting)

Platform Cricket Finals

Kidbrooke Kings beat Sydenham Sonics

Above: Sydenham Sonics line-up

Kidbooke Kings win final against Sydenham  Sonics on 31 August at Blackheath Cricket Club!

Platform Cricket is an organisation dedicated to
developing London’s children in and through cricket.

Their mission is to increase the number of children in London participating in cricket. To increase the amount of children from disadvantaged and BAME backgrounds participating in cricket. And to support personal and social development through cricket.

Before lockdown, many Sydenham residents gave money to help Platform Cricket pay for vital equipment needed to play the game.

Visit HERE to learn more about Platform Cricket and donate towards this worthwhile cause. 

Ensemble 26

First concert Friday 18th September 12.30pm

Hello friends and supporters!

We hope you have had a really wonderful summer. We have missed seeing you all and are really excited to be back planning the next few months.

We have spent the summer writing and collating articles about enSEmble26 and our lives inside and outside the ensemble.
Click here to read our latest newsletter, lovingly put together by Eleanor, and featuring articles by Tom, Ellie, Eleanor and Hannah.  We hope you enjoy this snapshot into our year so far!

In other exciting news, we are planning to be back, in St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood, to re-start our Beethoven series.  The most exciting thing about this is that we are hoping to play to a live audience!! For the first time in six months…

The first concert back is on
Friday 18th September at 12.30pm

Want to help beat COVID?

Professor Tim Spector of King’s College Hospital

In the last few days we have seen a worrying trend with the number of COVID cases across the UK starting to rise, and we wanted to share this data with you at the same time we share it with the government. We also want to ask for your help, as we need more people logging in your area if we are to prevent things getting out of control.When we launched the app at the end of March, the UK was in the eye of the pandemic. Our data estimated over 2 million COVID cases at the start of April. However, because of lockdown these cases fell dramatically to levels of around 1,000 – 2,000 per day where they remained stable as we emerged from full lockdown in mid June.However, for the first time since mid June we have seen numbers rise above 2,500 daily new cases, and there are currently 2,924 daily new cases of COVID in the UK. We are also seeing the estimated prevalence numbers rising too, with nearly 30,000 estimated Symptomatic COVID cases in the UK right now. We are now confident that this rise is statistically significant and that we are definitely seeing a rise in COVID cases in the UK. This is backed up by our R value, which is currently 1.2 for England, Scotland and Wales and 1.3 for Northern Ireland.*The app’s ability to identify this rise is solely down to you, our dedicated and trusted users — without you none of this would be possible. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for logging with us. If you haven’t logged for a while, then please do open up the app and just let us know whether you are well or not. Your contribution really can make an enormous difference now that cases are rising.

The trend we are seeing is a reminder that COVID is still with us and your data is as important as ever to continue to help us fight this virus and avoid another full lockdown. The app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Please continue to use the app, log in as often as possible to let us know if you feel well or not, and encourage others to do the same.