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Evening Standard praises the “ginger line” – that’s the East London line to you and me.

The Evening Standard of  March 10  gave a round up of delights along the East London line now that it’s been extended as far as Highbury & Inlington.  Sydenham is hailed as a fully paid-up member of the cafe society.

Cafe Seekers

Though mainly residential, Sydenham’s café scene is on the up. The recently opened, Norwegian-run Blue Mountain Cafe (121 Sydenham Road, SE26) is a stylish deli-type stop-off selling organic lemonade and doorstep sandwiches, while Kente Coffee House (16 Sydenham Road) is the place to go to for a round of smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches and a ginger beer in the café’s back garden. If it’s culture you want, head to one of The Dolphin pub’s garden parties (121 Sydenham Road, and tuck into a lemon posset.

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ELL passenger numbers to quadruple in four years

The opening of the extension to the East London Line from Dalston Junction to Highbury & Islington on Monday 28 February heralds another step in passenger numbers using the line. 

Transport for London chart of passenger numbers is as follows:

  • During the first full month of operation: 40,000 passengers used the line daily
  • By September 2010: 70,000 passengers used the line daily
  • In March 2011: 100, 0o0 passengers will use the line daily
  • By the endof 2015: 120,000 passengers will use the line daily

These are figures for the existing East London Line and do not include estimates for the spur to Clapham Junction due to open at the end of 2012. At its peak, the old East London (which headed north from NX Gate) carried 30,000 passengers daily .

Transport for London estimate that the number of passengers using the line in its first full mo