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Tag: snow

It doesn’t often snow in south London – honestly!

With literally tons of the white stuff falling from the sky, it seems almost impossible to believe that snow – or at least the stuff that settles – is pretty unusual in south London.

Here is a list of snow “occurrences” in the nine years from 2001 to 2009 inclusive. It shows the dates that snow fell amounting to 22 times in those nine years. The dates when snow fell and settled on the ground – only eight times – are marked in red. All of the other 14 occasions were little more than a flurry, or snow that fell and quickly disappeared.

So let that be a comfort as you fight your way to work or struggle to walk around the streets of SE26!

Year Winter/Spring Autumn/Winter
2001 Jan 18, Mar 2  
2003 Jan 8 30  
2004 Jan 28  
2005 Feb 21 22, Mar 4 Dec 27
2006 Feb 23  
2007 Mar 19  
2008 Mar 22 23 Nov 23
2009 Jan 5, Feb 1 2, Apr 6 Dec 16 17 18 21


Photograph above of Sydenham in the snow by Beatrix Rose Photography