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Tag: Sydenham Wells Park

Sydenham Wells Park needs your vote!

£15,000 bursary for revamping older children’s play area!

The playground in Sydenham Wells Park is on the shortlist of 20 to receive a renovation bursary from Robinsons Fruit Shoot. The five play areas across the UK with the most votes will each receive a £15,000 renovation in time for the summer holidays. Sydenham Wells Park is the only playground in Lewisham to be shortlisted and we have until April 20th to vote on the website. Please vote today at the weblink below to help us get closer to winning and spread the word amongst your friends. Thank you!

News from Sydenham Wells Park

Monika Mitchell, Chair of Sydenham Wells Park User Group reports on recent developments in the park.
For the seventh year we are delighted to report that Sydenham Wells Park has been awarded the coveted Green Flag status. 

We have had a donation of a Monkey Puzzle tree, which has  been planted in a discreet place inside the duck pond area. We have also planted a replacement Handkerchief tree within this area – the original of which died several years back – look out for the new tree in May when it will flower! 

Every Tuesday Iris Humphries leads the Healthy Walks Group which meets by the duck pond in the park at 11amfor a walk around the park. If you are interested come and join in and meet the locals – everybody is welcome. The Healthy Walks group accommodates a mixture of pace so everyone is catered for. 

If anybody is interested in keeping bees please get in touch as we have people who will tend the hives. 

Plans for the future include:


• Installation of a drinking fountain


• Redesigning the Rose garden at the of the park

• Ideas for the plot at the top of Taylors Laneare being discussed possibly as an Outdoor Gym or as a Community Garden.

• The Playground and Tennis Courts are in need of updating and we are constantly looking for funding for both of these. Any ideas will be most welcome.


 The Sydenham Wells Park Improvement Group meets four times a year in the hut inside the park’s compound by the main gate and everyone is welcome to attend – just keep an eye on the Notice board for the dates.


Thank you for being a visitor to the Park.



Recycle your Christmas tree

According to tradition, Twelfth Night (5th January) is the date when all Christmas decorations should be removed otherwise it will bring bad luck upon your home. You can recycle your tree at Sydenham Wells Park (Wells Park Road entrance) and at Mayow Road (Mayow Road entrance) until 28 January. The trees are chipped and used as mulch in parks around the borough.

Don’t be put off if you find there are no other trees at the entrance to the park – it will be due to the fact that they have already been picked up by Glendale. Just place your tree to one side away from the entrance itself.

 Real trees only are accepted!

Sydenham Wells Park

Whatever the effects of a covering of snow elsewhere, for a day or two at the beginning of February the park was transformed. At times reminiscent of studies by LS Lowry, at others it became one big playground for all. Elaborate and makeshift sledges appeared as did snow sculptures – even an attempt at forming an igloo. There was much chasing up and down in short, excited bursts of energy and a lot of rolling about and laughter. In the brilliant light many simply stood and gazed about them.

On Saturday 7 March there will be the first of a series of community work parties to begin to develop the ‘Wildlife Corridor’. Join us if you can between 11.30am and 2pm to help clear the ground, plant shrubs and trees and do whatever else may be required. Some tools will be available but if you can bring your own so much the better.

Expressions of interest in the new 10-year parks and Grounds Contract, to include Lewisham Homes and churchyards, but not cemeteries or crematoria, were due by 13 February. There is also a plan to include provision for a park keeper at Mayow Park.

Once short-listed a Saturday morning open meeting has been promised for as many interested parties as possible. There will be a session for park representatives and focus groups. Invitations for the Tender are to be issued in May, followed by site visits. The award of the new contract should be made by December for work to start in March 2010.