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Have you got a railcard? Here’s how to save one third off the price of an off-peak Oystercard

Rail companies don’t go out of their way to advertise discounts. So rail card holders (16-25, disabled, HM Forces and Annual Gold Cards, Senior) probably won’t know that they can register their cards at any LU ticket Office or National Rail station selling Oystercards and automatically get one third discount on off-peak Oystercards on most rail, LU and DLR services.

Here’s the link on the National Rail Enquiries website – scroll down to “Railcards Oyster Pay As You Go” for details:

Buying a monthly Oystercard or annual season ticket at Sydenham station.

Local commuters have been advised wrongly by station staff that they cannot purchase monthly Oystercard or annual season tickets at Sydenham or Forest Hill and that they need to travel to London Bridge or another national station to do so.

 Thanks to an intervention by Caroline Pigeon, Lib-Dem member of the London Assembly, this  has now been sorted out. Here is a reply from TfL to Caroline on this issue:

 I can advise that passengers can purchase a Monthly ticket on Oyster directly from the ticket office or Ticket Vending Machines at the London Overground stations on the Sydenham line.  If a passenger requires an Annual season ticket, they can request it from the station but it would have to be collected the following day (or later).  We apologise if staff have been advising passengers to travel to another station as this is not the case.  Our operator LOROL has confirmed that the staff have been re-briefed them so this should not happen again.

 Kind regards


 Emma Shannon

Stakeholder Communications Manager
TfL London Rail

Our thanks also to Richard Hibbert Chair of the Forest Hill Society for raising the issue.